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Welcome to the website of Swimming Pool Quotes, a free service to architects and private clients who want to get new pools built or renovate old pools. We have pool contractors all over UK and offer an opportunity to get a quote from reputed pool & spa contractors that cover your area.

We offer customers a free method to tell pool companies about their project thus helping them find a local pool builder who is free and willing to undertake their project. There is no charge to you for this service.

What is Swimming Pool Quotes?

Swimming Pool Quotes is a free service run by a group of pool designers who work with multiple pool companies and offer them their expertise of modern pool design and installation. We offer design and specification writing services to architects, private clients and large builders so are well versed with the latest and most popular design elements for all types of pools and design a pool almost every week. We also know about the builders who are looking for work aggressively as well as those who are not and we monitor for adherence to industry-accepted practices.

Some of the best swimming pool builders operate as a small team and do not always have the resources to effectively market their expertise. Similarly, many customers have a busy lifestyle and may not have the time to independently contact multiple swimming pool builders. We deal with quite a few pool construction companies every day. We know which ones are suitable for what jobs, and who is too busy to give your job enough attention.

Why use Swimming Pool Quotes?

Getting a new pool built is a long and expensive task, and finding a quality pool construction company can be very difficult in this poorly regulated industry, as it is often difficult to compare apples to apples in such cases. Every project is different and comes with its own challenges and uncertainties. The fact that your friend or architect is happy with his pool contractor doesn’t guarantee that the same builder will be able to replicate that in your property. Because we are independent, we can offer an unbiased opinion.

We are directly affected by the turnover volumes of these pool companies and, as the economy is slow at this time, we have persuaded pool companies to offer large discounts on design and installation of swimming pools. Price of raw materials has also come down so the total savings on a pool can be up to 50%, depending on area. Getting your pool built or renovated at this time will prove to be a smart move as the prices are bound to go up within a few months. Fill up the form today, it only takes 30 seconds.

How much is a new swimming pool?

Like all building projects, swimming pool construction uses a mix of construction skills, some general building trades and some specific ones. The price of a pool depends very much on the type of construction, filtration requirements and design, additional features and last but not the least, prevailing labour rates in the area. Other things to consider are the type of contract you want to enter in with the pool contractor, will it be design and equipment supply only, including mechanical installation or a turnkey project including all builders work.

Because every swimming pool project is unique and specially designed for a particular customer keeping his or her needs in consideration, it is almost impossible to provide a price list. But our service is free and we can provide a budget price after working out the basics of project, just mention that in comments. That budget figure is yours to consider without obligation and go ahead only if you feel comfortable with it. Of course, the actual quotes may vary slightly.

Guide prices for good quality liner pools in popular sizes are as below:

  • Small 6m X 3m outdoor pool £18,000 + VAT (plus £6,000 + VAT if it is an indoor pool)
  • Medium 8m X 4m outdoor pool £32,000 + VAT (plus £12,500 + VAT if it is an indoor pool)
  • Large 10m X 5m outdoor pool £50,000 + VAT (plus £18,000 + VAT if it is an indoor pool)
  • Extra Large 12m X 6m outdoor pool £72,000 + VAT (plus £24,000 + VAT if it is an indoor pool)


For tiled pools allow an additional 25%.

The above prices exclude ground works that include excavation & taking soil away, but include the building works of reinforced concrete shell construction, waterproofing and liner or tiled finish. Also included are pool filtration, heating & lighting equipment fully installed.

These are guide prices and there may be cheaper options available, but these prices are from reputed contractors and, in most cases, the variation would not be more than 10%.

How does it work?

Very simple and straightforward…..
1) You fill up the short form below.
2) We forward your inquiry to a maximum of 3 pool builders in your area.
3) You get budget quotes on the basis of the information that you provide.

Once you have had budget prices, you are free to contact the builder(s) that you like, there is no obligation.

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